Monday, May 12, 2008

Interest In Spurring Important Questions...

The "Domain Stock Exchange" model for Fractional Domaining is certainly attracting some attention and interest in the domaining community -- and that interest is spurring some important questions that are being posed publicly.

The questions raised in a blog posting today on titled "Selling & Buying Domain Interests on Is it Legal????" center on whether domain interests being sold through are securities under U.S. federal or state laws. The blog posting also includes discussion on various legal issues. If you have any interest at all in Fractional Domaining, READ IT. While the posting discusses specifically, it also touches topics that would apply to other Fractional Domaining models and relationships as well, such as accountability, fiduciary responsibility, protection of shareholders, etc.

The well-written post (sorry I do not yet know the author's name) has quickly received many comments from readers. To me, this indicates there is a lot of interest in both Fusu's model and Fractional Domaining -- and I take it as a positive sign that important, constructive questions are being posed...

How handles the questions and addresses any legal or logistical concerns that may affect its model will greatly influence future participation and the company's ultimate success. I do believe it has been unanswered questions like those raised in the blog posting today that have caused potential participants to stay on the sidelines. I know that is the case with me personally because I would want all parties involved in a fractional domaining relationship with me to be fully comfortable with the integrity of the deal -- and I myself have questions about the Fusu model and terms that I would need to have sufficiently addressed before I list any of my domains.

So, thanks to for posing some important questions. I hope views the questions as expressions of true interest and as invitations to educate and satisfy their potential customers in order to "close the sale".


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