Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Looking For A Top-Notch 'Fractional Domain Lawyer'...

Some smart entrepreneurial lawyer who specializes in domain name law, intellectual property law, and/or contract law is going to see a potentially-lucrative opportunity in focusing on the niche of legal issues involved with Fractional Domaining... and that's an individual I am interested in starting a dialogue with to discuss possibilities!

For the right person, this could be an opportunity to build a personal business brand as "THE Fractional Domain Lawyer" and to pursue some Fractional Domaining-related projects with me for mutual benefit.

I personally believe that clarifying legal issues and facilitating transactions involving Fractional Domaining are major areas that need to be addressed to enable faster and more substantial growth in this realm of domaining. A lawyer, or lawyers, who effectively identity and help resolve the issues could make a great impact not only upon how fractional relationships evolve, but upon how the Internet itself evolves as a result.

Interested individuals should contact me directly at nvoron (at)


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