Monday, March 24, 2008

Milestone Fusu Domain Sale Brings Return To Fractional Domain Investors

Fractional domain investors in the domain earned returns of about 55% to 80% on their investments when the premium three-letter name became's first fractionally-owned domain to be sold after having been listed and fractionally purchased via its Fusu Domain Stock Exchange. Founder Tobias Ratschiller informed Fractional Domaining Blog that sold for $9,000 on Saturday. The sale price is significantly more than the $5,000 the name was originally listed for during Fusu's public Beta cycle and the $5,800 it had risen to in trading. Fourteen investors had bought 45% of the domain. Nine of the 14 had owned less than 150 shares. They share in the proceeds of the sale. (For more details, visit Fusu at

This blogger's thoughts on the deal?... While the dollar amounts each fractional domain investor received are not huge, the percentage returns in such a short period of time are impressive! This sale demonstrates the Fusu Exchange model can work, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves as more domains and more investors get involved with larger amounts of money invested.


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