Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Could Fractional Domaining Impact YOU?

You won't have to be directly involved with Fractional Domaining for this trend to possibly impact you. If more and more domainers begin offering to sell shares of their domains and more and more investors buy-in, adding liquidity to the marketplace and funds for domain development, the growth of the Internet -- and your own domain holdings -- can be dramatically impacted... even if you stay on the sidelines!

The biggest questions, I guess, involve whether you will be one of the major gainers as a result? Or, could your competitors' gains negatively impact you? Do you need liquidity, and would selling fractional interests in your domain(s) help?

Should you explore Fractional Domaining further and get actively involved as a buyer or a seller, or should you "stay on the sidelines" and just watch and accept whatever happens?

I have brainstormed some questions you may wish to ponder now...

  • How will Fractional Domaining Impact Your Site Traffic?

  • Will Fractional Domaining Increase Or Decrease The Value Of Your Domain Portfolio?

  • What Could Fractional Domaining Do For Your Liquidity?

  • What Could Fractional Domaining Do To Help You Spread Your Risk?

  • Would You Be Willing To 'Buy A Fractional Percentage' Of Others' Premium Domains?

  • Would You Be Willing To 'Sell A Fractional Percentage' Of One Or More Of Your Premium Domains?

  • Would Fractional Domaining Hasten Or Slow Your Chances For Domaining Success?

  • Will Fractional Domaining Affect You And Your Business Even If You Don't Personally Get Involved?

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