Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Fractional Domaining' Group Formed at Synergy Domain Club

I joined Randy Charach's new Synergy Domain Club (a free-to-join Domainers' Social Network) the other day and just started a "Fractional Domaining" Group there, so I invite all domainers interested in interactive discussions about aspects of Fractional Domaining to join our group!

BTW, other groups formed already include "Geopreneurs" and "Marketing and Monetizing". Since the Synergy Domain Club was just launched 2 weeks ago, now is a great time to be an earlybird and make some domainer friends, perhaps even starting a domaining-related group of your own.

In an industry where networking and relationships can prove valuable, this is a great opportunity to connect with others and perhaps build some life-long friendships.

Take a look at SynergyDomainClub.com. I look forward to "meeting" you there!


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